Well some say threes a charm.  Well will see?   Well the landlord supposed partner of the Firehouse pulled my site couple days before Thanksgiving 2013.  Told to pack my stuff I’m changing the locks.  I’m like seriously right before the holidays.  I’m owed thousands in back pay.  Which would of got caught up during the holidays.  The guy then proceeds to try to get all of the employees to come back to work for him.  Well since they are my friends they said no.  Really sad all the way around. Even Crazier is that a very simular thing happened 8 years ago at another place I started SmokinStar Famous Texas BBQ in Arizona. So I’m going solo from here on out.  Hell I probaly did 90% of the work at both the past places I started as it was.

 SmokinStar BBQ Top.    FireHouse BBQ on bottom = StarFireBBQ right here right now.


smokinstar firehouse

Well we have a new location coming in a month or two.  Until then you can order catering.

Well this sort of thing will never happen to me again. Lesson learned.  StarFire is the end of the trail! I be done with these shenanigans.

So get to ordering some catering I need some cash been outta work coming up on three months.. Have fun!